Five Quality Issues You Must Look For In A Brush Fence

Unfortunately, because of the competitive business world we live in today with all its demands and aggressive bidding tactics, it is sometimes possible that you will receive a low quote that is too difficult to ignore when you are looking for brush fencing. Be careful, because it is often an attempt by the company to ensure that they land the job, but then they end up cutting corners and delivering an inferior quality product and job. With any brush fencing job, please look at these five important areas to guarantee that you are receiving your money’s worth.

Is Bottom Support Effective?

All brushwood fencing needs sufficient and effective bottom support. This will prevent any of the brushwood material to slide out over a period of time. Without the proper support, the brushwood fencing will drop in height in addition to the material sliding out.

Do They Use Wooden Slabs?

A reputable supplier in the industry will always use wooden slabs that have been treated to form a 100mm wide base for the brushwood fencing. This base is applied where the fencing and the ground meet. Suppliers that are known to take short cuts and unnecessary chances will not apply these wooden bases or they will opt for a base that is less than 100mm, to save some money.

How Is The Base Applied?

It is essential that you check up on how the base is applied. It should never come in regular contact with garden beds and soil that is damp. Constant dampness will damage the wooden base over time. In addition, the base should never be used for any retaining purposes. The type of suppliers that you should avoid will often prepare the ground insufficiently, by not removing grass and weeds from the base area. This is another way for them to save money.

Thinly Packed Fences

Contractors that love to save money by cutting corners will usually apply less material with each job, in addition to the overall time that they use to put up the hand packed brush fence. They achieve this by making the brush fence thinner than it is supposed to be. It is very important to check that your fence is at least 50mm wide and there should be no daylight coming through it.

Support Pipes Not The Correct Length

In the the rush to get the job done quickly, some brush fencing contractors do not cut the pipes that go between the uprights to the correct length. This causes the vertical pipes to be put under pressure which inevitably results in the fence being popped out of line. This is a common cause of fence repairs and you can check that it’s done properly by checking the pressure that the top bar is under. If the bar has wriggle room but it still securely attached to both upright posts then there is no problem.

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