10 Reasons To Use Brush Fence Panels

Brush Fence Panels Are A Better Alternative To Hand Packed Fences

Brush Fence panels are a popular alternative to hand packed brush fencing, as they offer a variety of extra benefits and are easy to maintain. If you are considering brush fencing for your home, or if you currently have brush fencing around your home that is in need of repair or replacement, our brush fence panels are a great choice. Made entirely out of natural brushwood, they are not only beautiful, they are also completely versatile, making them one of the most popular types of fencing on the market today.

1. Brush Fencing Panels Are Aesthetically Pleasing

While conventional brush fencing is known for its natural look and feel, brush fence panels provide a uniform look on both sides of the fence, due to the fact that the panels are compressed using a machine. The uniformity of the panels creates a consistency while allowing the fence to remain natural looking and aesthetically pleasing. The tightly packed panels also provide the same amount of privacy and shade as conventional brushwood fencing.

2. Minimal Repairs and Maintenance

Conventional brush fences can easily become damaged by weather conditions, soil and water damage, and animals. The stalks used in brushwood panels are evenly distributed throughout the entire fencing panel, and they are extremely thick. This special feature found only in brushwood fence panels allows for a much longer life for the fence, which in turn minimizes the need for fencing maintenance and costly repairs. Brush fence panels are also extremely sturdy and durable, allowing for extra protection against harsh weather conditions.

3. Brushwood Fencing Panel Have An Extended Life

Typically, a hand packed conventional brush fence will last anywhere from 3 to 5 years, and within that time period, various repairs and maintenance will most likely be required. The uniform distribution of the stalks in brush fence paneling allow for the fence to last up to 10 years longer, with minimal to no maintenance.

4. They Are Sag-Proof

Conventional brush fencing is known to sag due to lack of support. Machine compressed brush fence panels are packed very tightly, and they are also designed with strategically spaced wire stitching, a combination that completely eliminates the possibility of sagging. Additionally, with brush fence panels, there is no need for tensioned panel wires, which completely eliminates stretched and drooping wires.

5. Extra Privacy and Sound-Proof

The intricate design of brush fence panels allows for ultimate sound absorption and privacy. Conventional brush fencing tends to have gaps throughout the brush, which can be frustrating for homeowners that prefer their space to be private or tend to entertain often. The tightly packed wire stitching of machine compressed brush fence panels offers excellent sound proofing qualities as the brush fully absorbs sound, and the uniformity and closeness of the panels allow for maximum privacy.

6. Extra Design Options

For homeowners that are looking for a bit of variety in their brush fence design, our  brush fence panels allow for post capped sides and flat panel sides, and their evenly spaced wiring allows the fence to be stepped up at various height levels.

7. A Great Alternative

Brush fence panels offer the same look and feel of conventional brush fencing with many additional benefits. They are cost effective, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, and they are quickly becoming the more popular choice in brush fencing design among homeowners. If you are considering installing brush fencing or replacing your current fence, please contact us for an estimate or quote.

8.  Cheaper To Install

Brush fence panels are faster and cheaper to install. Instead of having to make the frames, position the poles and bases and then take the time to hand pack the fence and clip it all together, we are basically bringing in panels and erecting them.

This means the lower installation costs are passed on to you and you benefit from a lower cost fence that both looks great and lasts longer than a hand packed fence.

9. We Control The Quality

We source all of our own brushwood, and we make our own fences using our specially developed fence manufacturing system. This means that like John West who gets only the best Salmon, we get the best brush wood to put into our brush fencing panels.

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