About Our Brush Fence Panels

Our brushwood fencing panels can give you a superb, attractive, and garden friendly alternative to conventional fencing and walls.

Compared to a traditional hand packed brush fence, panels offer many advantages:

  • Are faster to and easier to install.
  • They are lower cost than the hand packed brush fence.
  • The stronger construction of a panel means they are much less likely to sag or shed brush material from the bottom of the fence.
  • The greater density means they offer better screening, noise and wind resistance.
  • They last longer than hand packed brush fencing. A brush fence panel will last 20 years or more, and when installed properly the panels will not rot or crack and are impervious to termites.
  • Suitable for DIY installation.
  • Easy to install between other fencing features e.g. Stone Pillars, Brick Corners.

Just like other types of brush fencing, panels are:

  • A fantastic looking and plant friendly alternative to brick or steel fencing.
  • Help breakup traffic noise and other unwanted noise.
  • Provide excellent screening and privacy
  • Do not build up and hold heat like metal and rock fencing materials and are therefore more friendly to garden flowers, shrubs and trees.

You can use our brush fence panels in many ways. You can improve your garden’s appearance in a way that only natural materials can. You can use the panels to conceal garden sheds, pool filters or compost and rubbish bins, and you can use them as a wind break around your deck, swimming pool or BBQ area.

Easy To Handle

For ease of handling, our standard panels are 1700hx1800w although we can make panels that are 1900h or panels that are 1500 or 1800 wide – to order.  The 1700 x 1800 x 50mm panel weighs around 65 – 75 kg.

The standard 1700 panels have eight galvanised wires and galvanised staples to keep the wires together. This packs the brushwood extremely tightly into the panel.

The wire spacing allows the panels to be cut to any height to suit the requirements of your fence.

You can fix the panels:

  • Onto to wood or metal posts or posts and rails with screws.
  • To a strained wire fence using clips.
  • Inside a metal U frame fencing system.
  • To each other to give your fence a continuous look.

To make sure your brush fence panels last, your panels will need to be capped with brushwood, timber or metal to protect the tops of the panels from premature weathering and deterioration.  If you are building a brush fence yourself, we can supply you with brushwood for the roll top.

Making Brush Fence Panels For Over 10 Years

We have been making panels for other brush fencing companies around NSW for a number of years, and we use only A-Grade mallee brushwood in the panels.

Our panel making machine compresses brush bundles into a dense, tightly packed brush panel The brushwood is held firm by 8-9 galvanised wire bands and then the entire panel is clipped tightly to give it the substance and longevity you would expect.

Contact us for to obtain a quote for a new brush fence or for prices for panels if you want to install them yourself. For a faster response, call Colin on 0427 400 704.