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Professional Brush Fencing Services

Colin and the team at Canberra Brush Fencing provides a wide range of fencing installation, repair and maintenance services in order to meet all of your fencing needs. Installing brush fencing is a very detailed process, and our skilled team members are here to assist in installing your brush fence in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing as well as professional and accurate.  Aside from fencing around your home or backyard, we also can assist with creating a lovely brushwood look to surround your mailbox, privacy wall or pool.

Why Are We Different?

We offer top quality at a great price

  • We source all our own brush fencing material – we cut it ourselves – so we have a constant supply of quality brushwood.
  • We get to choose from the best material for your fencing project.
  • We make our own brush fencing panels.

All of this means we can cut out the middle man, and give you a quality brush fence at an affordable price. And to top that, we have had years of experience making beautiful brush fences.

Our services include:

When you  decide you need to employ an expert to construct or fix a brushwood fence at home, there are lots of areas to consider when taking this  decision. Let’s admit it – brush fences look great and are long lasting, however it’s certainly not the lowest cost fence you can get, so you want the work carried out to a superior standard.

Ten reasons to choose us:

  1. We’ve been constructing top quality brushwood fencing over the last two decades.
  2. We’ll make time to fully understand your requirements and will give you a stunning, all-natural,  fencing solution.
  3. We source, cut and supply our own brushwood. We also make our own brush fence panels. Therefore we’re able to  manage the standard of  brushwood we make use of as well as the quality of the panel manufacturing. We’re able to  pass the lower costs on to you simply because we eliminate the middle man.
  4. Our brushwood fencing panels are made from A-grade brushwood, they are packed tighter and are constructed so they don’t sag. They are the perfect solution for many brush fencing jobs around Canberra because they last longer and retain their shape better than hand-packed brush fence.
  5. We will supply you with the appropriate form of fencing job for your home. If for example the site is flat we’re able to make use of, thicker long-lasting brush fencing panels. If your site is sloping, we are able to provide a resilient and attractive hand packed brush fence.
  6. We only use the very best brushwood fencing techniques. This provides a  properly made fence which has a consistent appearance. You won’t get a lightweight, thin fence from us.
  7. We’re fully insured, experienced and complaint with Department of Fair Trading license demands.
  8. All of our jobs are totally guaranteed using a 12 months guarantee on workmanship..
  9. Our brushwood swimming pool fence building practices are completely compliant with local authority pool legislation.
  10. When we’re finished your work, all you will be left with is a stunning brand-new brush fence. You won’t have a stack of material to clean out nor damaged landscapes and turf to manage.


What Is Brush Fencing?

Natural Brush Fencing

Brushwood fencing is a lovely alternative to a standard picket fence. It offers a nice amount of privacy, as well as shade from the hot sun. The reason why it is so important to have a professional company install your brush fencing is that this particular type of fencing consists of woven brushwood, and it must be properly intertwined with the fencing wire in order to remain stable and sturdy. Our brush fencing installers and contractors are all fully licensed and bonded, and we have installed thousands of brush fences to our customers’ satisfaction. Brush fencing is a great choice as it offers a lovely look and is practical as well. Made out of natural materials, our fences can withstand various weather changes and last for years without need of repair.

We also offer a one year guarantee on all of our work, so whether you are in need of a brand new fence, a simple repair, or anything in between, you can count on us to get the job done to your satisfaction.

Brush Fencing For All Home Types

Whether you live on flat or sloped land, we can install fencing to meet your needs. For flat land, we will create a fence using strong and durable panels, and for sloping land, it is no problem to create a hand packed brush fence. When you contact Canberra Brush Fencing, we will be happy to come out to your site and advise on the best type of fencing to suit your home needs. We will work one-on-one with you in order to come up with a fencing plan that will complement your home the way you want it, as we believe the customer is always right. We also pride ourselves on getting the job done quickly, and we have a nice sized crew that is willing to put in the time to expedite your service in order for you to enjoy your new fence as soon as possible.

Contact Us

If you are looking to install new brush fencing, are in need of brush fence repair, or have any questions, contact us. We are available to advise you on any questions you have, as well as set up an appointment in order to give you an estimate on your brush fencing project. Your end result will be a beautiful, hand crafted brushwood fence that will add beauty as well as privacy to your home.

For a free, no obligation quote call Colin on 0427 400 704 or use the contact form below.